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No matter how many times you clean your ceramic tiles - be they in your kitchen, on the walls, on the floors or the surfaces - somehow, after a few years of living with them, they will just loose their original sparkle. You try this product and that; believe in this marketing ploy and another and yet still, they lack that sparkle you so admired in the shop the day you decided to buy them.

So what is the solution? The solution is San Jose Grout Cleaning. Once you have called in the professional experts from San Jose Grout Cleaning to attack those areas that are so exposed and unfortunately have become so filthy, then it is relatively easy for you to maintain the standards (and the sparkle) that you saw in the shop and that you will probably see after our trained personnel have completed the job.

The cleaning solution used by San Jose Carpet Cleaning is based on a high pressure, hot water rinse with a fully enclosed vacuum system so that even the most hard to reach and stubborn dirt and dust particles are easily removed. Our top vacuuming methods will easily remove any loose dirt caught in grout joints so that your countertops and floors look sparkling clean once again. San Jose Grout Cleaning only uses top of the range pH neutral cleansing methods which have been especially formulated for thoroughly cleaning ceramic tiles and grout joints, providing you with the ultimate grout cleaning and tile cleaning. So that ultimately you can sit staring at your tiles again for hours on end and be thrilled by their sparkle once more; rug cleaning services offered also, all you need to do is ask.

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