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Periodically air duct cleaning is what our professional vent duct cleaning team recommends. Get your air ducts assessed once in a while to see if you require an air duct cleaning service - get your air ducts cleaned only when it absolutely necessary.

That means that there should be a build up of contaminated substances embedded in your air conditioner ducts before they need to be cleaned. And with most HVAC ducts, that should not happen more than once every 9 months or so.

If you get your air conditioning ducts cleaned by San Jose duct cleaners, you should be enjoying a cleaner, healthier air from your air conditioning and ventilation systems. Call us today at 408-907-6628 for a free estimate

Since we use HVAC systems quite a lot, there will indeed be a build up of fungus and molds over time, which could ultimately also ruin furniture and carpets

So it is important to get the air ducts professionally treated through a company using state of the art contamination removal and duct cleaning equipment, which San Jose air duct cleaning service provides.

Also, the way that Carpet Cleaning San Jose works is that all the contaminants that have been built up in your air ducts are collected by our team of experts outside of the premises (so as not to inconvenience you) and take them to an authorized dumping site.

This means that we make it a priority to clean your vent and ducts in an environmentally friendly way.

So not only do you end up with the cleanest and most efficient air ducts, but you can also keep your conscience knowing that your air ducts have been cleaned in a environmentally, kosher way.

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