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If you live in Palo Alto, we have the best deal in town for you! Carpet Cleaning Palo Alto is the city's premier carpet cleaning company. We have satisfied many customers in your area, and encourage you to ask around - you'll hear about our trained carpet cleaning technicians, our breadth of experience, and the way we value our customers.

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For example, cleaning prized antique area rugs is a very delicate process involving pH levels. Carpet Cleaning Palo Alto trained experts can clean these area rugs without damaging any of the delicate fibers.

We at Carpet Cleaning Palo Alto offer a variety of carpet and upholstery cleaning methods, such as steam cleaning and dry carpet cleaning. Dry carpet cleaning can include either a bonnet/pad method or an absorbent dry compound. Steam cleaning has become an extremely popular method. The steam machine shoots very hot water deep into the carpet, agitates the dirt free, and then vacuums it up. This is an all-natural and very effective method of cleaning.

Call Carpet Cleaning San Jose at 650-319-6789 today. We will happily discuss more of our services with you in detail.

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Why have we become the most popular company for carpet cleaning service San Jose? We at Palo Alto Carpet Cleaning want to do a good job. We're in this business to satisfy our customers.

We train each new technician with the years of experience and knowledge we have amassed, so that our technicians know how to handle a variety of situations. Whether you need home carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, or oriental rug cleaning, we will employ the proper method of cleaning to ensure the area is cleaned to the fullest extent while protecting the area itself.

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