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Morgan Hill is located approximately 39 km (24 mi) south of San Jose.

Ever dreamed of being a Harley chick? Dying to check out those cool motors? Well, if you are in Morgan Hill then you are certainly at the right place, or close to it. Visit Morgan Hill's House of Thunder and there you will be treated to a vision of beauty - a whole host of Harley Davidson motorcycles, fashion, parts and service, for your pleasure and convenience. Whatever is new and happening in Harley, it's happening right here at the House of Thunder. So don't miss the action and be there when it happens first. But for those who prefer to go by foot, Morgan Hill has something for you too. At the Coyote Ranch you will be able to relax in the picturesque countryside lined with pepper trees and palm trees. It's the ultimate spot for an old fashioned picnic and that is how your hosts Margaret and Michelle Lybbert have intentionally maintained it.

After a relaxing day we hope that you will go home to a clean space. And if that is not the case, there is no excuse given that you can easily access experts from Carpet Cleaning Morgan Hill. Morgan Hill Carpet Cleaning will take care of all of your cleaning needs - inside and out - from upholstery cleaning to tile and grout cleaning that may never have been cleaned but look like they could do with more than a once over. Carpets, rugs, upholstery, furniture - Our Carpet Cleaning San Jose has expertise in the cleaning methods and products of them all - so contact Carpet Cleaning Service today for a free estimate and start to enjoy your home the way you should.

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