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Los Gatos is getting so famous for its wineries, that the Californian city is almost becoming infamous for them! From the Byington Winery and Vineyards (opened in the late 1980s, this winery is large enough to host a wedding and punters you will find wonderfully hand-crafted wines for all celebratory and leisure occasions), the Burrell School Vineyards and Winery (more recently established in 2005, this winery seeks to develop grapes which reflect the distinct taste akin to their mountainous home), or the David Bruce Winery (specializing in Pinot Noir), Los Gatos is definitely the place to come for wine connoisseurs.

But if you feel that wineries lack the outdoor spirit you so love, then you might like to take a hike around the Castle Rock State Park, idyllically situated in the crest of the Santa Cruz mountains and very rustic since much of it has been left in its original wild, natural state.

And at the end of a long day out enjoying all that Los Gatos has to offer its residents and tourists alike, what better way to unwind than in a home that has been expertly taken care of by Carpet Cleaning Los Gatos - the experts not just in carpets, but in all your household goods from awnings to air ducts; wood floors to windows? Because at Carpet Cleaning Service San Jose we make it our mission to ensure that you - our valued customer - is 100% satisfied with our work and will not rest until we achieve that. Our Carpet Cleaning service is completely devoted to your pleasure and our trained personnel always get the job done. So call us today!

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