Upholstery Maintenance Crash Course

If you want your upholstery to always be in mint condition, then a little bit of maintenance, from the right address, will go a long way. When you call in the experts from upholstery cleaning San Jose, you have made a huge step in the right direction. Our staff is specifically trained in dealing with all kinds of upholstery so that your basic upholstery maintenance after we have left is easy, quick and efficient.

The thing about upholstery is that today there are just so many different materials used that it is simply impossible for the lay individual to be able to assess what has gone in to the fabric and thus what is the best cleaning method available. You've got your leather, your natural and synthetic fibers, vinyl, to name but a few, so it is really only going to be the trained experts who will know how best to deal with your specific needs. That is why hiring the best professionals makes sense or, if you want to do it yourself, making sure you have the correct information so you don't cause more of a problem than you started with. It is possible to deal with these stains especially as the fabric used in upholstery is generally stain resistant and thus if acted on quickly, will be removed very easily.

However tempting it may be, resist the urge to scrub the area and instead gently dab with a clean white towel and scrape up the spill with a flat spoon or spatula (nothing sharp). Break up solid spills and vacuum. Whatever stain removal you are going to use, make sure that ahead of time you test it out on the material (in a corner or on the flip side of the upholstery) and if it looks okay after you have dried it, apply to the affected area. Let sit for 5-10 minutes and blot to absorb as much as possible. Repeat process until stain has been removed. Check up on what stains require what treatment - it is even wise to have a list printed out on the fridge, or somewhere equally accessible.

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