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San Jose Rug Cleaning tailors its services according to your requirements. Experience has taught technicians that each and every rug must be treated in a different way. That's why San Jose Rug Cleaning is constantly developing tailored solutions to fit the fabrics and composition of your rugs. Oriental rug cleaning, for instance, requires a gentle cleaning detergent and a mild sweep from a bonnet brush, while area rug cleaning techniques tend to demand a more rugged approach. Specialized foams are often used to help in separating the fabric hairs of rugs, but may harm a rug if not specifically designed to clean its type. We make sure to fit our service according to the rug at hand.

Cleaning a Persian rug is not something to take lightly; wool rug cleaning for that matter also requires extensive treatment. Each rug must be cleaned in a certain way and some demand specialized equipment for the job especially when dry cleaning is involved. Stocking up on the latest rug cleaning equipment ensures you receive the best cleaning possible. San Jose Rug Cleaning spares no expense in preparation to provide our customers with the best service; purchasing the latest tools and products to come ready for the task at hand is just part of how we make sure you get the best service.

Treat yourself to the best rug cleaning service in San Jose, California 408-907-6628. Tailored Solutions to fit your every need only at San Jose Carpet Cleaning, our experienced technicians are standing by.

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