Living Happily With Your Pets

Your dog means more to you than most of the people in your life. Little Russell has been with you through everything - meeting and marrying Marc; having kids; getting divorced from Marc; changing careers - you name it, Russell has been there. And you won't hear a bad word about him. As far as you're concerned, if they don't love Russell, then they don't love you. Russell lives in the house - they don't - so if they are scared, they had better get over it pretty quick.

But in the dark nights when you're alone, you do have to admit a few things - in as much as you love Russell and would die for him - the pet stains and pet odors he creates can get a bit much at times. And you have tried, time and again, to deal with the stains and odors emanating from Russell, all to no avail. There is no denying the fact that cute and loving and reliable and loyal as Russell is, he does cause stains and odors in the house.

So what is the solution? The solution can be found in 3 easy words: Unbelievable Stain Remover. If you apply this directly to the stains from your pet, gently tap it with a clean brush, dry it with a white absorbent material, rinse off with cold water and then gently dry with a cold hair dryer or fan, you will see what a difference this will make to the stain. Because the stain will disappear! You can also try Liquid Enzyme Odor Digester which you just have to leave on the affected area for 5-10 minutes, thereafter following the same process as described above. You see? It's simple. You can live with and enjoy your pets but also easily clean up after them so that everyone is happy!

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